What does that mean for you?

We take great pride in everything that we do, that pride is obvious at THC Farms. The quality of marijuana that is produced from our farm is the highest quality marijuana that there is. The selection of strains chosen we made on what you, the patient, is asking for. Having our own farm gives us the flexibility to produce the strains that are in demand. This way you know that you will be able to get your favorites every time!

Our modern cultivation facility is expertly run by a staff that cares about you the patient and the medicine that you will consume. Respect for people and the plant foster a perfect environment for growing. Your experience (good or bad) is directly connected to the quality of the marijuana.   THC Farms is led by a staff that has decades of experience with sustainable cultivation techniques and a track record of growing amazing marijuana.

Another great benefit of (becoming a member) is the freshness of our CO2 cartridges and oils. We use CO2 extraction to bring you the purest cleanest and freshest oil by manufacturing on site in our own extraction facility. With the distance measured in feet not miles we provide clean, tested and delicious CO2 oils. By having both THC Farms & our own extraction facility we are able to provide the flower and extract from the same harvest guaranteeing the quality and a great dispensary menu experience.  You will be able to pair the flower and the oils that are your favorites every visit!